Most* of the RTI2 rainbow tables available for free at will fit on a 10 TB hard drive which can be shipped to you:

Please make sure you understand what rainbow tables are and their limitations before ordering. You are not purchasing any of the data on the hard drive. It is all freely available for download. You are only paying for the hardware, packaging, payment processing costs, shipping, and labor to obtain the drive, copy data to it, and ship it to you. Includes North American power supply. Depending on your location, you may need an adapter, or you can remove the SATA drive from the USB enclosure and install it inside a desktop computer. Normally ships next business day, when in stock. Otherwise, normally ships within a week. Ships from Colorado. Currently 2 in stock.

If you would like to obtain the rainbow tables in a different way, please use the form below to let me know what you have in mind, including which table(s) you would want and how much you would be comfortable spending on it. Don't forget to include your email address.

* The tables for character sets loweralpha-numeric-symbol32-space#1-7, loweralpha-numeric-symbol32-space#1-8, and mixalpha-numeric-symbol32-space#1-7 are not included, but the passwords covered by these tables are part of the mixalpha-numeric-symbol32-space#1-8 (also known as mixalpha-numeric-all-space#1-8) tables that are included.